Fall Colours and Snow 24"x 30" acrylic on canvas

I am now back in Canada for the next year or so and will be conducting workshops from my studio as well as doing plien air workshops here on Vancouver Island as well as some of the neighboring islands. The weather here allows for outdoor painting most of the year with a bit of preparation for the weather. We are only held back by lack of desire to get out and brave the elements. Sitting at an easel with a warm fire in the wood burning stove sometimes seems more inviting than the outdoors, with its cool temperatures and moist conditions. But either way there is lots to paint here on the island.

If anyone is interested in workshops either in the studio or plien air contact me and we will see what we can arrange.
We have accommodations here at the house as there is a one bedroom suite here and a guest house just two doors away.

fall colours and snow