Rich Williams

Rich Williams work is primarily in acrylics and watercolour which cover a cross section of subjects such as landscapes, old  barns, structures, boats, florals and abstracts. The need to portray the subtle feeling of nature has led to the painting of nature’s hidden treasures. This is reflected in Rich’s paintings; some of nature’s small and usually unnoticed hidden scenes.

From a very early age Rich was interested in art. Studying art in high school only tweaked his interest more. He attended S.A.I.T., taking first year Architectural Technology where he learned perspective drawing. He also attended the Alberta College of Art where he took lessons in Figure Drawing. Understanding the need to improve his technique with all mediums Rich began taking many workshops from established artists to improve his style and master principles of design.

Riches current studio work is centered around non-objective landscaping in a multi medium format. For viewing pleasures please view the different studios from the links at the top page.